xopoloprincess: what sizes did you have to get? because depending on what you got i would totally buy it from you!

I’m usually a S/4. But I bought a lot of stuff in size 6 and M. I’m hoping some of it will work. I’ll keep y’all updated!! :)

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tbh I think I’m already gonna have to ebay or re-lilly like 3 of my 5 items :(

because in the moment of the sale I was like “oh yeah I’ll go a size up” but then I realized that is soooo not gonna work el oh el

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dashofserendipity: Sorry Chica!! Did you end up finding anything else?

oh yes of course! i bought a skirt, shorts, dress (in the Jellies Be Jammin), and 2 tops! xx

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the ess was def a big fail for me this year compared to the past 3…

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